(This is an English translation of the Quichua web page found at www.Quichua.net.)

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Yo no hablo quichua.                                  I don’t speak Quichua.





I don't know which one to choose.

If your Quichua language isn’t listed on the map, please write to me.


(Perú, Bolivia, Argentina)




Esta página web es un ministerio de FEDEPI , para el beneficio y uso de la gente Quichua del Ecuador, promoviendo la lectura, la escritura y la creatividad en su idioma materno tradicional.

This web page is a ministry of FEDEPI , for the benefit and use of the Quichua people of Ecuador, promoting reading, writing and creativity in their traditional mother tongue.


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This web page and its images Copyright (c) 2006.  All rights reserved.